Established in 2004, Cartier Wind Energy Inc. is a partnership between two companies active in the energy field: TransCanada and Innergex Renewable Energy.

The wind energy projects of Cartier Wind Energy began development by the early 2000s after initial measurements in the Gaspésie. Therefore, the projects submitted in June 2004 for the Hydro-Québec Distribution tender to produce 1000MW of wind energy were the outcome of extensive study backed by reliable data.

In October 2004 Cartier Wind Energy was awarded the six projects it bid on by tender, representing almost three-quarters of the wind power capacity to be installed in Quebec.

On February 25, 2005, Cartier Wind Energy signed long-term electrical power purchase agreements with Hydro-Québec Distribution for a total of 739.5 Megawatts (MW) for wind energy projects in the Gaspésie, Îles-de-la-Madeleine and the Regional County Municipality of Matane. Through its five contracts, Cartier Wind Energy will become one of the largest wind energy producers in Quebec.

The five wind farms of Cartier Wind Energy are currently operating; those of Baie-des-Sables (109.5 MW), L’Anse-à-Valleau (100.5 MW), Carleton (109.5 MW), Gros-Morne-Sainte-Madeleine (211.5 MW) and Montagne Sèche (58.5 MW).

Economic Spinoffs

Development of the Cartier Wind Energy wind parks amounts to a private investment of over $1.1B, including more than $600M that will directly benefit the Gaspésie region. Cartier Wind Energy is stimulating the regional economy by using local suppliers to perform the work. For example, the towers, nacelles and rotor blades are manufactured at the Marmen and LM Glassfiber plants located in Matane and Gaspé respectively. Cartier Wind Energy is also encouraging hiring of local skilled labour to construct its wind parks.

Once all of the wind farms are in commission, more than $751,000 in voluntary contributions will be paid to the towns, municipalities and RCMs where we operate. Accordingly, over $17 M will be redistributed to the municipalities during the years of wind park operations. Of this amount, more than $3,5 M will be distributed to non-profit organizations through the Cartier Wind Energy visibility fund.

Cartier Wind Energy will employ over 45 people to operate and maintain its wind farms.

Fundamental Values

The Cartier Wind Energy team ensures that all of its projects are carried out with respect for local communities. To accomplish this, Cartier Wind Energy has established various mechanisms, such as monitoring committees, public consultations, open houses and information sessions to enlist public involvement.

During construction of our parks, we also publish articles in regional newspapers to update the public on project activities. An Internet site also fosters positive communication with the host communities, and enables residents to offer their goods and services during construction (with a form available for completion on the site’s interactive section). Cartier Wind Energy thus ensures the maximum economic benefits for the region while encouraging the use of the local workforce in all of its projects.

Monitoring Committee

A Monitoring Committee consisting of local stakeholders is created for all of our projects at the start of construction. The Committee’s major objectives are to monitor the progress of work and ensure maximum local economic benefits. The pre- and post-construction environmental monitoring reports are also submitted to members of the Monitoring Committee.

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