Health and safety excellence national award for Cartier wind energy

During the CANWEA Operation and Maintenance event held this week in Mississauga (Ontario), Cartier Wind Energy’s excellence in health and safety matters has been acknowledged.

Cartier Wind Energy Inc. (“Cartier”) is proud to receive the very first excellence prize in health and safety from CANWEA which rewards its remarkable work in this important aspect of wind farms operations.

“After winning several CNESST prizes, it’s with great pride that we receive this honour which rewards the entire Canadian industry. Cartier considers health and safety as an important matter and we work hard to convey this value to all of our employees. This success is due to daily prevention and respect of high standards in health and safety matters”  mentioned Robert Guillemette, General Manager of Cartier Wind Energy.

“This award is a team work result. We are proud to receive this recognition, but also proud of our employees which do remarkable work every day in respect of high standards in security. This prize will be displayed in all operation buildings of our 5 wind farms”  mentioned Guillaume Huet, Operations Manager of Cartier Wind Energy.

Post by Luc Leblanc

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